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Default One last word!

Richard Feynman is indeed of the greates physicists of all time. YOu know who else is a darn good physiscist. Einstein! It seems eventually he himslef had to admit to the existence of God!!!! Here is a well written, easy and concise description of that I am taking from an article by Hugh Ross.

The first such scientific breakthrough arose from Einstein's theory of general relativity. Subtracting one set of his famous field equations from the other yielded the surprising result that everything in the universe is simultaneously expanding and decelerating. The only physical phenomenon satisfying simultaneous expansion and deceleration is an explosion. But, if the universe is the aftermath of an explosion, then sometime in the past it must have had a beginning. If it had a beginning, then there must be a Beginner.
Einstein's own world view initially kept him from adopting such a conclusion. Rather he proposed a new force of physics that would perfectly cancel out the deceleration and expansion induced by gravity. However, Edwin Hubble soon proved that the galaxies indeed were expanding away from one another in the manner predicted by Einstein's original formulation of general relativity. Confronted with this, Einstein gave grudging acceptance to "the necessity for a beginning," and to "the presence of a superior reasoning power
(Hugh Ross)

Ok I am done for real this time...futility of common sense ...sigh!

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