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BTW guys the strategy for tonight to face ALl Stars youth tema was to buy a whole new 19 years old regiment, brand new, I had around 42k money last week and I spend it all on buying these guys and hoping maybe they can soemthing for the Mentals, although they never played fro the Mnetals before tonight. They are much higher ranking than my already existing 19 years olds!

dhaka mental hospital - Playing XI tonight

Alfred Lugton
Rafiq Khoury
John Morse
William Jesberg
Gillies Johnstone

Lanka Arunasiri
Parvatiyar Senapathy
Clarence Campbell
Zachary Ross
Arthur Bulger
Tony McNamee

Old Existing Veterans
Nw Players

And so far we are

End of over 3 (maiden) - All Stars(7-2) RR 2.33
R. Sharif 0 (2b) , A. Watson 6 (10b) , C. Campbell 2-1-3-2
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton - Dr. Jill Stein - Michelle Obama - Cynthia McKinney - Cheri Honkala - Gloria LaRiva
Alyson Kennedy - Huma Abedin - Kamala Harris
May our Lord bless our leaders
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