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Thank you dear Bura and Gund, my dostos!!

This leagues are where the Mentals will be playing in Season 11

SOD 4.8
T20 3.1

We came this close to win the SOD promo twice in the past 5 seasons, but due to NRR and my stupid mistakes and negligence the Mentals remained 2nd. This season 10 also we were 2nd, last season 9 we were 2nd, I think same the season before. I can't cross this hurdle. This season 10, the team that got promoted (who won all of his games and I lost only 2 games to him, so) he was a bit better than us, he was at least 12-15k ahead of us Mentals each time we lost to him I believe. So it doesn't hurt as much, he is the deserving team to win and to get promoted and he did.

We the Mnetals had our very first season got a tripple promotion in all 3 lagues from 5.Xs to 4.Xs and then promotion became a rare and distant thing for the Mentals due to my incompetency.

Now I spent I believe 45k on those 8-9 new 19 yrs olds, and even if I going to get 0 back from them, it's very much okay, it was a very small amount (although the Mentals are financially a very poorly managed team, we go negetive in our acct. a lot) for securing that one big most important win. We will sell all of these 19 yers olds now next week on TM, they will be 20 years old then and I will have to sell or fire a total of 20 of them!! I doubt anybody will buy them though, the market right now is filled with 19 years old for sale!!
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