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some good pops for me! Next week expecting more pops though

Date Player Name Skill From To
23 Aug 2010 Gavin Hamilton (18) Experience ordinary average
23 Aug 2010 Shani Muyia (17) Technique average reasonable
23 Aug 2010 Arthur Gayle (18) Technique reasonable capable
23 Aug 2010 Mehrab Ali (17) Batting ordinary average

bought this fs for 105k!
Player Info
28 years old | 43,974 rating | $9,195 wage
Right hand batsman | Right arm Finger spin
Talents Natural Leader
Form capable
Experience reliable
Captaincy expert

Skills Summary
Batsman ordinary
Bowler spectacular

Batting dreadful Endurance reliable
Bowling outstanding Technique outstanding
Keeping poor Power ordinary
Fielding reliable

a bit old! but yes I am looking for some cheap old hags! anybody wants to sell a batter?

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