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Originally Posted by Habib
Why does he have to get bought by an IPL team? And why are you so excited about it? Didn't the previous treatment of Ash & Mash in IPL teach you anything? Be absolutely happy that Shakib is playing in County rather than IPL.
yeah,i guess i gotta agree with you there,but then again,wouldn't you like seeing Shakib bowl a maiden or slog sweep a few sixes and hear the commentators go berserk about how gifted this boy from Bangladesh is,and how underrated his national team is.Well THEN AGAIN,i do like dreaming every now and then :P

Seriously,the IPL or the Champion's League are probably the two best ways to make an impression,or to get attention,the sort of attention players like Shakib deserve.But yeah,i'd rather watch him develop as a player rather than see him waste his career over money..
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