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Originally Posted by Habib
That's great Antora. So what did you all talk about with Tamim? Any chance of an interview? :P
Yeah it will probably run like this:

Antora: zomg!
Tamim: hi
Antora: Lol
Tamim laughs
Antora: :p
Tamim: yeah...
Antora: lol
Tamim: haha
Antora: hi bhayia
Tamim: hi
Antora: Roflmao
Tamim: no response this time
Antora (thought bubbles): i hate that b&&&&. Bomb? Eeeeeeh. foot.
Tamim (thought bubbles): okay this is the weirdest interview ever.
Antora: Gtg bhayiaa...take care and Lol [ leaves ]
Tamim: that was awkward....meh
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