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Who the heck runs the cricket in Sylhet? I would have said get them sacked but there is probably not many replacements. I say BCB should allocate 1-5 lakh taka to Rajin Saleh per month and he can organise the cricket facilities and local leagues.

If instead of 40+ year old people as organiser who clearly always have one eye on England or business you have young 20-25 year old men organising the local cricket while getting paid, things will run much more smoothly. The guys are right: you need strong local leagues to identify talents, as well as give Sylhet's NCL members match practice. AS well as this, the local school leagues should be rejuvinated somehow. Sylhet used to have two schools supplying all the cricketers. Seems like even they are drying up.

1. School cricket
2. Local leagues
3. Cricket facility funding, provided to Rajin Saleh.

Saleh has been doing a lot of good work in Sylhet, such as coaching the disadvantaged and getting coaching degree, but unlike in Rajshahi clearly he's not getting nearly enough support.

I really hope this year sylhet can make it to the top 4 teams.
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