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The way I see it.

There are two classifications of "God" (To be more specific, the God I am referring to as some entity who consciously and knowingly and purposefully created everything that we know. In other words: Creator).

The first classification belongs to the mainstream religions with fairy tale stories and made up social rules that identifies an individual (or a group) as someone who is responsible for creating everything.

The second classification is an honest, sincere, non-ideological question of the existence of an entity responsible fo creating everything that we know.

My personal view for the first classification is that: No, such a god doesn't exist.

My personal view on the second classification is that: We don't know and most likely we will never know.

Anyone who vehemently denies (I personally have done it in the past) the existence of the second classification of god doesn't know jack sh*t about what he is talking about.

However... we don't know what the default value is. We don't know for certainty whether there needs to be a god for us to exist, or the absence of god is sufficient for our existence. We just don't know. Trying to use our own human created reason, rationality, logic and try to argue the existence of god/creator is hopeless.

The universe (and whatever is beyond that) has its own sets of rules and it doesn't care about what you think. So, I think we should return the favor and not care about the existence or the absence of god.
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