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1. Abir: will look good initially and quickly go past 30 with 1 or 2 streaky shots, then Mofees time as usual.

2. Bhimrul Omar Belim 2.0: will throw his wicket away at 25 max.

3. Junaid Imroze Saleh 3.0: will go past 50 after painfully reaching 35.

4. Natok-Raj Pathor Saleh 2.0: painful 25 with accidental singles and a streaky 4 or two, then exposed in all of his glorious limitations.

5. Shakib "the only man" Al Hasan: will reach 100 if he manages to get past that cursed 96. 2 to 5 wickets and outstanding field placement.

6. GoBoy: may reach 50+ if he doesn't throw his wicket away in the 30s. Will drop a catch and blow a stumping.

7. Jahurul Omi: Riyader bhat marar chance with 35+. Will drop a catch.

8. Nayeem: will try to make amends with the bat but is likely to fail like Rokon used to. One big shot and then Khoda Hafez. Will have a couple of good and a couple of shite overs.

9. Shuhash: will score valuable runs and bowl well.

10. Nostrilamous "all rounder" Rex: 50-50 chance the prototypical Hudmah will deliver an acceptable performance without chucking. 100% certainty he'll fail with the bat, fail once again as a fielder while the ball continues to find him no matter where he is, and fail to bowl 6 solid deliveries in a row during any of his overs and spells.

11. RBX: will bowl a good 3rd over. Maybe lethal in the middle overs.

Moyna will win it again for us InshAllah ...
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