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Originally Posted by offstump
if shewrapara is under 12 feet water then there is slight chance of SNBS is under 1 inch of water.

mirpur 2 and SNBS is high than most of the other places in dhaka. rarely it is flooded. it did not even got flooded in 1988 and other big floods. all the water from that are flows downhill and lower areas around like pikepara, monipur, kallyanpur, shewrapara, kachukhet will get flooded.

well the only problem is players will have to come through the roads of shewrapara or kallyanpur to SNBS. so they may have to start 1-2 hour earlier from the hotel
I think it will be easier for th eplayers to come through Cantt-Kachukhet-Mirpur 14 - 10.. that way. Inside Kachukhet may be under water but this road is generally higher and open and needs lesser time to reach the stadium.

I wish all the other matches of the series gets washed out and we win series 1- 0
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