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Originally posted by say
this is amazing how fast the fans trun against someone. Our memories must be really short. Thank you all fair-weather friends!!
this is also a bit amazing how cheaply u r reding into the core topic of the thread..

coz u assumed that this thread is against Ashraful in first place (not just you.. a few more comments here imply, wrongly, tht this is Ash's talent/performance-criticism thread)..

In short.. Ashraful is undoubtably a raw genuin talent, far better than almost all that BD has had in history, even in current times.. Yet for some reason, he has not succeeded to gain consistancy in performance yet.

Probably one good reason for that is his way of taking the opposition too lightly.. "After scoring a delightful 100 in my debut test.. I though it (Test Cricket) would be a easy way to walk for me.. but that din't happen.." ...These are ashraful's own words.. and yes it was sometimes pathetic to watch the ways he has played the opposition bowler and has got himself out..

Those were early days.. and he has started to show maturity and more patience these days.. but he also has to learn to keep his head cool after any successful show in a match... even the best and topmost Batsmen like Rahul Dravid (I luv this guy for his Temperemant and Patience) needs to do the same..

Every innings is a very new innings and it starts from ZERO again.... and arrogance only delays the path of success by big margin..

Lets hope Ash starts to realize he is on the 'More Depended (by the country)' part among our talents!

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