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Originally Posted by Go_Bangladesh
Some people here forget the past too soon. After 1 good performance by Shahriar Nafees everyone is dreaming of Nafees Tamim partnership at the top. First of all, let me remind you that this was our preferred opening partnership during the last world cup and Nafees had failed badly, since then he has been performing extremely poorly before going to ICL. Since his return his performance in PCL, NCL T20 and the 1 solitary test match has been poor. He hasnt been with the national team for the last 2 years hence missed out on the type of attention/training and assistance the likes of Imrul, Tamim and Junaed got (resulting in their consistent performance and overall improvement). Whereas Imrul got proper training over the last 2 years and has developed into a what I like to call new generation Bangladeshi player. This type of player include Tamim, Shakib, Imrul, Junaed, Riyad, Mushfiq and others in the current 15 member squad. These players are more professional, consistent and generally more effective. Nafees is an old type of player like Ash, Aftab, the type that needs everything to go their way in order to perform and usually are not at all consistent. Yesterday everything went Nafees's way and he performed.

My conclusion is that no matter how well Nafees does before the world cup, he still should not be considered ahead of Imrul for the opening slot because of the fact that Imrul is of the new breed and has trained with the team for the last two years and has performed admirably during the last 1 year. Nafees is the best replacement for our openers but thats it.
Well, Nafees has two more matches to prove his consistancy...if he does good he might be a comtender to be in the 15 Tiger squad
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