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To all the people hoping Jahirul will play the next match,
I dunt think BCB will change a match winning combination.! Although i want Raqib out badly

To, "Go Bangladesh"
I can't even imagine u commenting on Nafees when he won't perform well, Seeing how u are when he his batting at his best and bringing victory.
Dunt talk about consistency and Bangladeshi players at the same time, it doesnt roll together. No player in BD is consistent. Not even Sakib. However, so far Nafees have been handling the pressure well so far and filling Tamim's absence. He has been working very hard (says the Newspaper, Siddons, Sakib and others) He is determined to improve and spend as much time possible on batting.
So instead of fearing what might happen in the future, just appreciate his performance at present. World Cup is still far away. Anything can happen in between
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