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Originally Posted by shuziburo
Pretzel-টা কি? এইটা খায় না পরে?
Shuzi, if that's a serious question, a pretzel is a (generally) hard and salty baked good with knots and loops in it -- with a shape somewhat reminiscent of a jilapi.

Originally Posted by shaad
Can't pull all-nighters and still function seamlessly like I used to -- boyesh hoyechhe-to. I'll just watch it later on ESPN3.
Originally Posted by shuziburo
I am old (32+) too, that did not stop me. (I'll not say 32 + how much.)
Good for you. I'm considerably older, and still like running some of my own experiments in my lab. Working with radioactive materials when you haven't had enough sleep might be quite macho, but not particularly intelligent.
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