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Originally Posted by Ra'ad
Congratulations Bangladesh for an exceptional performance ! This was a long time coming and with the ability the team has, this is only the beginning. Being one of the most talented teams in the world and with the most dedicated emotional fanatic followers of the game, it's truly a fantastic moment. All the wait and pain and disappointment make it all the sweeter.
This is our turning point and I believe, just like Sri Lanka in the early nineties, BANGLADESH has arrived!
I also think that we have arrived. Four things have changed considerably in recent days:
  1. Our batsmen don't panic even if they lose early wickets and generally someone delivers.
  2. Our bowlers are not afraid to defend any total. We just saw an example.
  3. Our pace bowling is also shaping up well. We already had a strong spin attack, probably the best in the world. Razzak is finally comfortable with his legal bowling action.
  4. Overall, our players are getting used to the idea of winning and goes into any match fully expecting to win. This attitude change took a long time and is becoming ingrained only now.
  5. We the supporters expect to win every match. We even have found faults with our performance even after banglawashing a strong opponent.

I would be ecstatic if we were to win the WC, but some more hiccups would not surprise me before we bring the cup home.
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