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On any ranking system, form is more importent than average. That means, someone who has an average of 20 but scored 200 in last 4 innings, should be over someone with an average of 30 but scored 50 in last 4 innings.
By the way, its simply an example.

Another thing, The only way to have a ranking system, is trough very upto date stats. That means, Tehsin bhai will need a database, and it has to be updated after every match, it has to be set up such way, that it will update each player table once the whole match stats are entered in the system.

Once we figure out the ranking calculation formula, I can create data input web applications that will populate the tables once the whole match stats are entered. And I can definitly write the report which will show the ranking on a webpage, from the up to date table. So we have 2 unsolved question.

1. What should be the formula?
2. Who will keep the table up to date by entering each match stat regularly, day after day.

Any comments Tehsin bhai?
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