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Never thought of anything like "Visit Bangladesh Year". I doubt it came to BCB's mind. And I doubt BCB even thinks of the goals he talks about in the article.

Saber Hossain era was one of the best era of our olden days. He appointed the right kind of staff and coach for our teams, he was determent to take us to the next level. He did his very best with all his limited power. And dare I say, if our current board and BCB was in charge back then, than we wouldn't be here today.

I would love to see Saber Hossain in BCB again. And if he does come to BCB again, I have no doubt in my mind that he try his best to do all these follow things and succeed

where do we wish to see Bangladesh cricket in terms of ICC rankings, how many coaches of various categories will we have, how many groundsmen, umpires will we have trained, developing professionalism at all levels, how many young cricketers do we wish to reach out to, how many indoor facilities will be created, to what extent will we have decentralised the administration and playing of the game, how do we regulate and monitor the standard of coaching schools and given that cricket has a strong commercial dimension as well nowadays, how do we mind the business of cricket? These are all fundamental and basic questions in evaluating progress.
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