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Originally Posted by Rabz
Hahahaha...what the whole thing was all about ??

1. Not organised properly.
2. MC was speaking in english, the rest in Bangla.
3. Tutul was running around the stage for no good reason.
4. He didnt need to shove/push Mash who was already in the frame.
5. I thought Mash could have dressed a bit formally.
6. Where was the whole cricket team, esp Sakib.?
7. Why they weren't on the stage ?
8. The MC, well, i thought she was shaking.
9. Sourav really bowled her over.
10. 100 days to get our sh**s organised.

11. Firework was good.
12. Speaker took only 1 minute for his speech and thanks for that.

Tutul was annoyingly.

That's my summary of the 15 minutes grand occasion.
Right you are.

1. Mashrafee was looking horrible, it seemed that he was going to a pub to have few pints of Lager!He should learn from Ganguly.
2. The host was shouting too much,it was too much for my ear.
3. Tutul had a half shirt which looked lean and faded. Doesn't he get paid by BCB? These people do not have minimal sense of dress.

Thanks GOD we are not in charge of the opening ceremony otherwise we would easily screwed the whole program.

ওইখানে আমিও আছি /যেইখানে সূর্য উদয়/প্রিয়দেশ পাল্টে দেবো/তুমি আর আমি বোধহয়/কমরেড, তৈরি থেকো/গায়ে মাখো আলতা বরণ/আমি তুমি আমি তুমি/এভাবেই লক্ষ চরণ
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