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Originally Posted by lamisa
a few days back people were screaming their heads off to have hom in the team and now it's shabbir...i know that he did awesome today but i still think that it's too early...
As far ad I remember shovagoto only played a practice game against England and scores 90+?? in a friendly match that had no rules, no pressure, no real competition.

In contrast SHABBIR RAHMAN has been performing consistently. His techniques always looked solid since I saw him playin against England under19. Has the right attitude, calm and aggressive. And importantly.. DELIVERS ON TIME.

I want him to the National team ASAP as I fear lack of good nurturing may cause him to fade away.
Just like tamim and sakib, this guy will never let us down. That's what I believe and I'm sure alot of us has this feelings about him.
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