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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
yes yes why not he got us the gold against Afghanistan that AFG. He totally deserves a place in the team already. Heck I am even willing to kick Shakib out of the team for him.

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did you say the same thing about Shakib and Tamim? if you did then I am more for SHABBIR to kick out someone like Raqibul/Zunaid/Ashraful/and maybe Naeem.

Maybe you havn't noticed that most of the guys in our current team played for u-19 and came into national team quiet early. e.g Tamim, Shakib, Rakibul, Naeem, Mushfiq, Rubel, Nazmul, and to certain point SN/Ash/Aftab...etc etc

The success rate of those 17 years (tamim/shakib/Mushfiq/even Ash) are far greater than success to those who comes from domestic cricket i.e MAHMUDULLAH/ Javed Omar/Rajin Saleh/ Faisal hossain/ Junaid siddiq/Tushar Imran and the rest.

yes we might have wasted some of the players by trying them out I.E Dolar Mahmdud, I say they have only themselves to blame. if Shakib/Tamim/Mushfiq can do it ..why can't others do it?

And think about it...another 4 to 5 years..we will have more players from under 19s(and domestic) and some will be talented as Tamim or Shakib or even better...and they might get chance before Shabbir/Nasir/Shaker/Mitun/Amanul etc...which will ONLY but demoralise TAKE GAMBLE sometimes..but DON'T gamble stupidly. This guy has proven he can cope with pressure, his techniques good, shows good temperament, can bowl, bat...hence take a chance with him.

Hack people were leading the WAR during the time of Prophet(pbuh) at the age of 20, Individual became Ottoman Sultan at the age of 19-20, and we are scared to send a guy to face a cricket ball who already showed he can handle it?

bro not to be rude but ...we shouldn't bother about future too much, That's in ALLAH's hand. when there is an opportunity, our job is to utilize it and see the outcome and accept it. in the End thats the decision of LORD, and that's Destiny.
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