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no I don't suggest no new player. But I suggest that players that we don't debut players that are not totally ready to handle the international scene. I think no one here disagrees with you that these guys are talented, probably more so than the bunch we have right now, and they all have a great future. but its probably best if we don't rush them, not just best for them, best for everybody. You tell me, what are the chances that someone like Shabbir or Hom will get drafted into the squad and then fail to live up to the expectations, and than get dropped. What would that do to their confidence? Just because the current players that we have are not up to the standard doesn't make sense for the us to ruin the future ones. And I already pointed out my case to you, look at Anamul/Hom/Shabbir List A average. They are not that consistent. They need to start converting the 30s to 50s, 50s to hundred. There are a lot of things left for them to learn even from our domestic circuit. and if these guys really are what everyone expects them to be than their turn will come in due time.
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