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Yes 'loopy' he is, if you keep your eys open to see when he bowling. NZ and asian games guarantee nothing for WC, is it? If it was the case then he must got mountain of wickets in local game I guess?!? Finally, he cant even rotate or hit the ball properly, why talk about proper batsman? I cant see him playing in WC, because we need someone who cat bat, bowl, field [I mean an allrounder] well in his position.

Originally Posted by shafayeen
memory thik koren bhai......4 wicket hauls next nez.....another in the asian game he gives 40 runs wtihut a wicket and u start calling it "loopy"...he isnt there to be a proper batsman. u cn see in the batting stance, he isnt meant to be a huge six hitter...we sent him here, becuz management thght mashrafe was still rusty.
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