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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
actually i stoppes short of calling him a modon, i said he would prolly act like one. talk to the ppl who are calling his bowling poor...the man just took a 4-fer at low econ rate.

but there are aspects of his captaincy that are outright modon-esque. not taking the batting powerplay is one, and i swear if he wins the toss and chooses to bat first against India...i'll scream.

he by far the best leader we've had, but i will crucify him on these 2 issues because everyone is allowed to have a bad bowling day, but opting for the powerplay or making the right coin toss decision is a simple matter of just opening ur mouth and saying it.
i dont think shakib makes those decisions alone... he must have discussed those with the team before reaching a decision... i remember we did something similar during a Test also where we chose to bowl first in chittagong...

when u have finishers like naeem/mahudullah... then taking or not taking PP really doesnt make that much of a difference... its embarrassing to see that even the little guy mushfiq packs more power than those two...
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