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Originally Posted by shaad
Implicit in Mash's statement is the notion that even if a good player is out of form, we should let him be part of the national eleven to play himself back in. I am afraid I'm inclined to disagree -- a player can play himself back into form in the nets and FC matches. The national team is too important a venue to use as a vehicle for recuperation/convalescence.

Yes, Mash seems to be on the mend; though I'll wait to see how he performs in the next few matches before passing judgment. And yes, I'm quite aware that part of this is a move by the management/coaching staff to try to ensure that he'll spearhead our pace attack in the WC. But, to take someone else from Mash's example, what about Ash? How many chances should he have been given? Where and when do we draw the line? And is it fair to promising young players waiting in the wings to use (yes, once good) warhorses who currently aren't performing?

On average, how many chances will you give a currently non-performing player before you rotate him out of the playing eleven?
Fully agree.

We need to get out of this 'owed a place' mentality. Past performances and merits should have an expiration period.

Nobody, including Shakib should be immune to that. Granted he will get a longer period to based on current accomplishments than others.

Here is one example, a player must have 3 significant contributions in 6 attempts or else its time to make room for someone else. A significant contribution will be determined based on match situation. It can be a quick fire PP for a batsman just as well as a century or it could be one tight death over by a bowler at a crucial moment. No reward for selfish performances that are stat boosters with no benefit to the team.

Something like this will let each player know how long they have and that simply one 'Eid' can not secure a spot ongoing. For strong performers like Shakib and Tamim that 6 attempts could be increased to 8 or 10.

Everyone would love to see the pre-surgery Mash of old back in business but its unfair to Rubel to have to sit out after a solid performance against NZ to let Mash get 'match practice'. We could've secured the series 3-0 and then given Mash the last two matches if that is what was needed.
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