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i feel very sad to see such posts from experience posters of BC. Did Mash get his chance to show his "consistency"? Do we have enough local quality cricket where he can play to gain back his form? If he doesn't try with Zimbabwe, then what other choices does he has?
World cup is in the corner. i'm sure you are totally aware, we need a good player with strong temperament otherwise they can't take the pressure of World cup game.
Rubel or shafi are doing great, but i'm not too sure how they can take the pressure of the big game.

Mash is a proven performer and the poor guy has gone under knife so many time and yet, he manage to come back.
We still don't have a quick bowler who is 50% of what mash is. Perhaps there are bowlers who are faster or aggressive than Mash but the temperament that he has earned in last many years, nobody has got that.

He deserves some respect. i can clearly see he has lost a lot of weight. He is trying his best and he will come back.

please bear with him. thank you.
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