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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Joseph bhai!! This is a super read! Very personal and fun experience! And all this time I thought you are a Bangali bro living in Australia!! Your writing will be such a nice piece for the front page.

Do you know Gowza? He is from there too, but seems to be amissing a bit..I hope he is okay!

P.S. Joseph bhai, want to read more of your writing about the Chagoler Bacchas and Dahl (Daail in Dhakaiya Bangla)!
Thanks for the comments here and on the article page. Much appreciated.

I’ve sent it to Zunaid (Boss) and hopefully he thinks it worthy of the front page.

I was born in Australia but Bangladesh will always be my number one team.

No, sorry I don’t know Gowza.

I’ll try and write a few more pieces in the near distant future.

Originally Posted by Dilscoop
I swear to God! This is what happens when I decide to stay away from BC during the finals week! And now I get dragged down to it. So tempting.

Ok here is what I had to post. While I was studying for my Calculus test, I was watching the 3rd ODI game. And I saw a white guy with one of those white Bangla Brigade Shirt (i think that's what it was). He had a camera with him. He was jumping up and down. And I was soo tempted to come to BC and make a joke, "hey who is that guy! I bet he has a blog and he will post all those pictures from his camera, and write stuff!! find him!" And I didn't!! It would have been super kool!!
They showed him on the big screen, I think he was sitting near the supporters holding up each letter of Shakib’s name down near the players race.

Good luck with your calculus test, I am very grateful I never have to do calculus again :p

Originally Posted by Dilscoop
ha! I can see that happening clearly. nice read
Thanks bro.

Originally Posted by Razi
Great article Joseph bro, I was also there for the 3rd ODI, and I must say the atmosphere that day was simply electrifying, it may not be such a high voltage game but TBH never enjoyed that much watching a match live at the stadium.
Thanks Razi bro.

The stadium was ¾’s full, just imagine what it will be like for the first game against India, each ball will be electric.

Originally Posted by Haru-party
good one
Thanks bro.

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