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Default Fantasy League: Dhaka Premiere League One Day Cricket 2010-11

Salam all,

So you think you are a better selector than those employed in BCB, then here is something you may be interested in.

Just for you we are going to have fantasy league for DPL one day version as promised on NCL fantasy league thread. We are yet to find out the schedule for the tournament but it is likely to start soon.
The reason I am starting early is to get as many team as possible. Those who participated in last one will know that only 9 team participated. I am hoping this time we can get few more. Also last time the rules were bit complicated which put off few more members hence I made it bit simple this time. Secondly we had bit of dispute regarding transfers but thanks to all of you for not making big fuss about it. So this time we are taking away the mid fixture transfer . You choose your 11 players for the duration of the tournament including super league and hope for the best.

How to Play:

1- Choose 11 players from the list below. You can have 3 different combination.
Playing cmbination.

a)4 Batsmen, 3 All-rounder, 1 Wicket Keeper, 3 Bowler

b)5 Batsmen, 2 All-rounder, 1 Wicket Keeper, 3 Bowler

c)4 Batsmen, 2 All-rounder, 1 Wicket Keeper, 4 Bowler

2- They are will be no transfer. Once you choose your 11 players you are stuck with them till the end of the season. (One Day tournament only).

3- No fielding points for fielders. But you must choose a keeper in your team who will score points for each catch plus stumping.

4- No restrictions on how many players from each team. e.g. if you wish you can choose 11 players from 1 team as long as they are on the list below.

5- Once you have finalised your team. Post it here and I will update it on my spreadsheet.


a) Batting point: 1 run = 1 point. Bonus points for scoring a fifty = 25, for hundred = 50
b)Bowling Point: 1 wkt = 30 point for each wicket. Bonus for 4 wkt haul = 20, 5 wkt haul = 50.
c) Wicket kepper will recieve 10 points for each catch and stumping.
d) MoM = 50.

Score Update:

Scores will be updated as often as possible.

Player list below. Please see if I have missed out any name. Once every one selects their team I will trim down the list to only those we have selected.

Player TeamRole
Naeem IslamGaziAR816
Mahmudullah RiyadAKCAR716
Shabbir Rahman RummanGaziAR876
Faisal Hossain DecansMSCAR734
Nasir HossainGaziAR1024
Alok KapaliGaziAR668
Fazle Mahmud RabbiVicAR394
Mohammad AshrafulCCSAR847
Asif Ahmed RathulBKSPAR820
Shakib Al HasanMSCAR877
Raqibul HasanKLBBAT 365
Tushar ImranBIMANBAT 98
Imrul KayesAKCBAT 421
Suvagoto Hom ChowdhuryCCSBAT 577
Nazmus SadatKLBBAT 584
Tamim Iqbal KhanMSCBAT 569
Shahriar NafeesGaziBAT 491
Shamsur Rahman ShuvoMSCBAT 700
Hannan SarkarAKCBAT 68
Zunaed SiddiquiSTNBAT 437
Nafis IqbalMSCBAT 70
Aftab AhmedOLDDHSBAT 370
Jahurul IslamBIMANBAT 480
Rony TalukderAKCBAT 353
Farhad HossainAKCBAT 466
NazimuddinMSCBAT 501
Kamrul Islam RabbiVicBWL585
Mohammad SharifKLBBWL684
Suhrawardi ShuvoSTNBWL425
Elias SunnyBIMANBWL1158
Noor Hossain MunnaMSCBWL421
Arafat SalahuddinPrimeBWL67
Saqlain SajibAKCBWL782
Tareq Aziz (cht)MSCBWL150
Dollar MahmudBIMANBWL209
Abul Hasan RajuAKCBWL524
Abdur Razzak RazSTNBWL582
Tapash BaishyaAKCBWL611
Mohammad RafiqAKCBWL839
Mashrafee Bin MurtazaAKCBWL90
Rubel HossainPrimeBWL158
Sanjamul IslamGaziBWL790
Shafiul IslamBIMANBWL396
Shaker AhmedGaziBWL33
Talha JubairBIMANBWL136
Nazmul HossainPrimeBWL252
Mushfiqur Rahim (Go Boy)BIMANWK786
Dhiman GoshSTNWK535
Uttam SarkarPrimeWK196
Anamul Haque BijoyAKCWK445
Mohammad Mithun AliGaziWK669
Khaled Masud PilotMSCWK242

I hope it is simple enough. And will reel in few more members. So come on Selectors start selecting.

Cut off time will be posted once the fixture is released.
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