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Originally Posted by ammark
Yes, they'll punish the poachers. But what of the fat cat forest officials and logging businessmen who are decimating sundarbans, madhupur forest, CHT and Sylhet division forests. The Sundarbans are notorious for 'dacoits' who kidnap and extort money from fishermen and villagers, while making a fortune from felling the trees for sale to the rest of Bangladesh! Remember the forest official 'bon raja' whose house was raided and wads of cash was stuffed in his pillows and mattresses?

Habitat loss is a greater threat than just poaching alone.
What can we do, the country is run by illiterates. They fail to understand that if one species goes boom the rest will follow. Cutting down one plant may seem like nothing to some but infact 100's of lifes inhabit one small plant. The problem for habitat loss is mostly primarly has to be for the money from woods and the second reason is the over population and need for space (not sure if I am saying the right thing but don't they teach the importance of contraception over there even though any subject relating to sex is like a taboo there?).
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