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Originally Posted by shah99
Guys, I am not a regular poster but a regular reader of all the
posts. Great forum for BD cricket fans.

I think BD has a big chance of winning the opening match against
India for the following reasons :

1. Ind will be under big psychological pressure. They will be hunted
down by the bitter memory of losing to BD and eventually out of
2007 WC
2. BD will have home ground advantage with big crowd support,
which can go a long way to boost confidence

3. BD spin attack is way better than India's and Mirpur wicket is
spin friendly. Recently BD spinners had huge success against NZ
and Zim in this wicket

4. Looks like after the surgery and rest Tamim is now more run
hungry than before. It was a treat to watch the way he was hitting
Zim bowlers out of the park. He enjoys hitting Indian bowlers,
mainly Zaheer and Bhaji. I think we are gonna see some new records
from Tamim's bat in this match

5. This match will be the biginning of the end of Sachin. His career
has to end at some point-cannot continue forever

As someone posted before history is not created without hope.
This time a better one will be created

with due respect i'll have to disagree with some of ur points



3.Ind batting lineup is nothing like nz and zim..we got success playing vs nz and zim doesn't mean that we can do the same thing to india..they are much better players of spin..our pace attack needs to step up..if india gets a flying start we can not hold them back with spinners like we did vs nz and zim

4.again zaheer and harvajan is nothing like zim bowlers..but also tamim have proved in the past that he can play well vs zaheer and it will be a good battle

5.Have to totally disagree with u there..sachins career is gona end at some day but that doesn't mean this match will be the beginning of the end of sachin..thats plain ridiculous
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