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Lost in numbers !!!
Good one Miraz bhai.

I think the biggest problem has been highlighted in the very first line.
7 tests.
If you play only a handful number of test matches in a year, you can't improve. You have build on the momentum you create and work on it as you progress.

Whatever momentum the boys created for themselves early part of the year is all lost now. They havent played a single test since June/July, only God knows when the next test is. Been hearing about May next, but with the weather in hand during that time of the year, I doubt if we can finish a test match properly.

Need to play more tests. BCB have the facts backing them up now.
They should take the initiative. No one's gonna be that eager to play test with us, may be apart from New Zealand. But its upto us to convince, persuade, whatever it takes for us to make sure they do.

You gotta get it for yourself, no one's gonna come and serve you on a platter.
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