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Surfer don't really want to start a fight for nothing but since you mentioned can't really ignore it either so I'll just drop my 2 cents. What exactly is your version of thanks? Please elaborate for me. Would you like us to say thank to BCCI everyday because they got us the test status? Would you like BD fans to ignore comments that seem offensive to our team only because BCCI got us the test status? Would you like BD fans to stop saying how BD is yet to tour India? Open poll thread here and ask BC members weather they agree or not if BCCI was one of the biggest reason we got our test status or not? And those results will speak for themselves. You make it sound as if BD fans should be in debt to India/BCCI forever and should never talk trash on them?

Now don't come and start labeling me as an India basher because of what I said but please explain to me what do you mean by 'express a word of thanks'? And how long must this thanks go on for?

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