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Neel (and a part of my post is in reply to bangladesh_sy), if you read my post, you will realize that my complaint was not against the boards but the fans. I agree with you that both boards have been very nice with BCCI. I would not want them to cooperate with BCCI over everything just because we helped them once. Cooperation should be on mutual good will and more importantly on the merit of the cause. So if someday The Bangladeshi or the South Africal boards do go against BCCI on a matter of opinion in the larger interest of the game, I would not blame them and neither will I claim that they should should surrender their respective loyalties to India forever because of that one favor.

My problem is with the fans. There are good things that BCCI has done and then BCCI has not met certain expectations of the fans. When the fans complain about BCCI not inviting them for test series, they forget that BCCI is under no obligation whatsoever to do that. Basically their stance is : Okay, so you did us something good, but since you didnt do us more good, we hate you. Makes no sense to me. So what has India done in cricketing terms to earn the hatred from the Bangladeshi fans? India has not invited them for a series which could be disappointing for them at best, but is that really reason enough for the hatred? Does this disappointment outweigh the goods India has done for them in the past? I am not asking for an eternity of gratitude, but I am trying to evaluate the hatred we often witness and trying to find the source and in that I still miss where India had ended up hurting or damaging Bangladeshi cricket. Everything considered, I find that the goods India have done far outweigh whatever other expectations India has not met. So the hatred still bewilders me.
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