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I really like Mushy. He's got potential to be a very solid batsman at this level. That being said though he's still got some ways to go. Even though he's a great player against spin, he's still got some deficiencies against pace which is the reason why he struggles in non subcontinental grounds. He's also like all our other batsmen except Tamim and Shakib inconsistent and you can see it in his stats. So in my book he's definitely not a star yet. He has the potential of being a star though.

His keeping is even more inconsistent with his dropped chances. That's something he also needs to fix up before he could be called a star keeper-batsman. He's not bad when he faces up against pace but when he's close to the stumps against spin he's pretty poor. It's probably a technical deficiency that he needs to fix up. He's still a very young guy so he has plenty of time to improve and become a star.
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