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Default The Official Alok Kapali Thread

Alok Kapali is, undoubtedly, one of the most gifted cricketers that have graced our cricket. For many a reason -both known and unknown- he hasn't done any justice to his immense talent so far. But, I firmly believe Alok will shine, Insha Allah. He is simply too good not to. No sight better than an on-song Alok Kapali. So much class and elegance.

Alok is very similar in many regards to enigmatic Mr. Mohammad Ashraful Matin. They are both monstrously talented and equally fragile in mental fortitude. In addressing and conquering this mammoth setback lies the ultimate test of character. With a little bit of good fortune and great dedication Alok will rise to great hight and so will Ashraful. Age is still on their side.
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