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Alok isnt a top order batsman, he is a very inconsistent one if he is. The reason why he should be in the squad because of his Power hitting. We done need him to score 40-50 runs playing 70-80 balls. Naeem and Mahmdudullah does a great job there bringing the team down. We need someone that can play a solid 5 over PP and slog the rest. Ash is a prospect, However, confidence is something that is totally destoyed inside him. So alok would be the first choice.

and guys, this is a forum where we talk about Bangladesh cricket and about the players. There is nothing wrong with opening a thread for a player who is not in main XI. How many Bengali players have scored a century in T20??? I dunt remember any in any competitive competition. He is very effective against India too. No i am not saying from that one century but the ICL too. He played against the Indian players and i think he understood some of their playing styles.
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