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Originally Posted by BanCricFan

Is this just speculation on your part? Perhaps, you have some telling evidence to substantiate your claim? In that case, would you mind sharing this?
Speculating nothing here.

Perhaps we can follow our favorite cricketers a little more closely.

Alok and one other traitor bad mouthed Bangladesh cricket and BCB the most harshly at the time they deserted our team for ICL.

After the ICL fell apart, as you might remember, cricketers like Aftab and SN were openly remorseful. Alok's agent tried to place him in an ICL team. Alok was pretty confident of getting an outright offer away from the bidding . He also had several opportunities to get back to the side by playing BD-A and warm-up matches. He did not, declined due to one excuse or another.

Speculating here:

Alok did not get an IPL deal - a safe speculation, would you say?
Now he is trying to get back in the side - his second preference - safe speculation?
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