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Originally Posted by billah

Alok and Dhiman Ghosh were the most outspoken against BCB, Dhiman was just about rabid with his criticism.
Sorry brother Billah I couldn't disagree with you more vehemently on this. And, frankly, am somewhat shocked and disappointed that a seasoned and esteemed member like your good self will tarnish the integrity of an individual. The mere crime of being "the most outspoken against BCB" most definitly doesn't warrant such scathing attack or even defamation.

What Dhiman said was very stupid and irresponsible, indeed. But, he was very young and most of our players are not the sharpest tools in the box anyway. Perhaps, we could extend the benifit of doubt to them.

I, too, don't think much of these IPL/ICL events. But thats where the money is. That is the reality. Money-is-not-all maxim has long disappeared from most cultures. That is another sad reality. "Money doesn't talk; money swears", said Bob Dylan. But most couldn't care less.
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