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Originally Posted by Shaan
Ki ar kora, Gobore-o valo saar hoy bhaijaan,
Anyway, the way you are telling all the stories like Alok and his agent pursuing IPL contract, then ALok foul mouthing against BD all these without any authentic source doesn't make your statements any valid unless you prove it.
You are assuming here that I don't like Alok. Assumptions will always make an a$$ out of you. You also assumed that for some God for saken reason, I have to "prove" something to you. Wrong again. I'm sorry to inform you, I can't help you if you are so poorly informed about our cricketers. I try to stay in-touch and on top of information about these boys. I wish I had the time or temperament to help fill this huge information void of yours, but I'm already wasting my time responding to this. Try reading. In about 6 months you will catch up also. Until then, please don't try to educate me. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Shaan
You don't like Alok thats fine with me, everyone has right to like or dislike someone but talking own made statement to bring down someone doesn't justify any credit or fairness, sounds more like golabaji to me. I will be delighted to have some real sources provided by you which you brought allegation against ALok.
Alok is a traitor
He is not focused on playing for our national team
He has his focus elsewhere

The above is information, unfortunately for Alok. As for your knowledge gap, please read the first part of my post. Actually, this post of yours qualifies as golabaji. Once you start thinking objectively, try answering this question to yourself: What is Billah's benefit with this "smear campaign" against my Alok?

Originally Posted by Shaan
As I say everyone has right to like or dislike someone Billah bai, I know you for long time in this forum and I like your posts but this post was bit arbitrary to me, no offense !!
Once again, your a$$umption that I don't like Alok(as a cricketer) is simply baseless. I have been following the careers of these boys from day one. Fact is, Alok gave it all away at the worst possible time. I still wish him all the best.

My posts are not based on my opinion, they are based on facts only. Your posts are based on your opinion, thus they are biased, and are unnecessarily attacking me. I am not the subject of this thread here, Alok is. You might want to try to understand it.
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