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Originally Posted by Equinox
From what I recall it wasn't Alok but Shahriar Nafees and Dhiman Ghosh who were the least remorseful of their decisions. Didn't SN claim on the some show that ICL was the best thing to happen to him? Not that I support any of the ICL recruits but I remember Alok's reasons were the most valid. Both SN and Aftab where regulars in the side, SN even lied to BCB about having an exam to skip the Australia tour whereas actually he was negotiating with the ICL. Alok on the other hand was snubbed when it came to handing out contracts and I also remember reading somewhere that after the death of Alok's father some BCB official told him 'ma babar chinta niye cricket khela jabe na.' after he asked for some time off.

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I hope Billah bai reading this too ..!! I mean these are the stories of speculations we really don't know whats happening inside unless you are one of the BCB member!!
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