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i don't care either government MP or oppesition MP . i only care about this great player such a rafique. he is the only player in bangladesh who play cricket from his heart. who ever destroy rafiq property , they should give him back all money . rafiq is good and simple guy. i think myself that he should not done any illegel thing in this life . look at rafiq every time he is happy , smile all the time , cool guy. i know he is now spending a terrible time because he lost his all deposite , his all money . almost sixty lakh taka. it is very big amount. he is doing his life secure from this money so after retierment he can have better life .

someone just want destroy this rafiq dream. i should say that who ever like bangladesh cricket , they should suport rafiq and make revolt aginest the guy who responsible for todays rafiq sitution. we should revoltttttttt my all cricket friend for rafiq.

long live rafiq and long live bangladesh cricket team.
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