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I don't think it really matters if it was in a illegal place or not. In BD a legal case can take 10 years before a judge even hears it if there is any sort of outside influence. So definitely demolishing a whole market without proper legal warning looks very bad. But that aside, the main point is it was property of a national sportsman. And this can become a political liability for BNP if not handled properly. That MP is either very stupid or has some personal agenda to do this at a very wrong time (when cricket is the focus of the nation!). I hope enough pressure is brought on the govt for Rafique to get proper compensation including additional funds to mend his anxiety. He is a national asset and must be treated as such.

Somebody mentioned that maybe Rafiq got on the wrong foot with this MP given his straightforward passioante nature. So its very likelye this is a personal grudge case.
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