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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
of course we're not going to win, but...

99 team was associate team, they doesn't count.

2003 team didn't even deserve to be there.

2007 team was the only decent side we had.
the 2007 squad was built well. Not as talented as the current squad but each position had the right player that when on song could bring about a victory.

TI was the slogging opener, SN (biggest disappointment in that WC) was the anchor who could score at a good pace. Aftab was the accelerator at #3 and Shakib and Mushy were versatile enough to stabilize and/or hit as well as the allrounders, Bashar was an experienced leader (granted not the best tactician), Ash was a finisher, Rafique was the veteren presence, Razzak the new blood, Mash the attacking pacer and Rasel the container. Everybody new what their role was and changes were made for match situations (Mushy at #3 vs. India).

Our team for the past 4 years has been built too defensively for my taste. Players are selected and then placed into roles as opposed to selecting the proper players to fill the roles. The approach has been more geared to save face then it has been to win. But still the talent is there and this team should be making it to the QF. If nothing else, then not to backtrack on the 2007 success.

I'm psyched for this WC, dishing out the money on the pay-per-view and the cost that comes with having the WC parties at home. Hopefully, it will be money well spent.
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