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From above two news we can see Ireland specifically targeted Bangladesh Match. I know comments will come "this time we are playing in our backyard and Ire doesn't got a chance"

But one good thing about Ireland is they just target few opponents and practice according to game plan, I am sure they targeted Pakistan in 2007 WC group match, then once they went to super 8, someone told "we want to win Bangladesh match"

My point is they always target Bangladesh thinking their easiest opponent, does enough homework on our players psychology instead of doing homework for each and every opponent. One good example of that was 2nd last T20 WC where we were planning to beat India but in next match we lost to Ire, Ire though didn't win any other match in that tournament.

Another Example, in our last British Island tour, Ireland start their home work at the time match against them was scheduled, someone that time told " we want to win that match taking advantage of our home condition", as a result they won the first match.

They knows Our weakness very well. We need to take them seriously too ..
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