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I know Aman from my uni days, I was there when Niru/Abhi kicked his butt in Zia hall cause he was intending to defect to Ershads Chatra Samaj. Then in 1990 student uprising I have not seen him once in the TCS area (Ratan,Ilyias, Sagor from BNP) was there, soon after the fall of Ershad Aman was in the front as VP of DUCSU and milked in both hands, became a millionier from popper (Yes he is from a poor background), Beat Mostafa Mohshin Mantu in the 1991 election and become a junior minister. He is made for life and apparantly very close with Tareq Zia. Now Montu has joined BNP and would love to see him as the MP of Keraniganj in place of Aman, Day dreaming or what Aman weilds more power than Rafiq I can not see anything would happen to him , real shame.
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