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Default LIVE and EXCLUSIVE Discussion with Coach Ian Pont

I, on behalf of, have the singular pleasure of welcoming National Bowling Coach Ian Pont as a member of

He has agreed to come on board and answer fan questions as his time permits. Just as I requested all of you with Coach Julien Fountain, please respect coach Ian Pont's time and privacy.

We cannot be more grateful to have Ian here with us. He has been one of the most accessible of all the coaches we have had. His enthusiasm for Bangladesh and his desire for our boys to excel is palpable and so obvious! I personally believe his enthusiasm and self-belief is contagious and has carried over to the team. One only has to remember Shafiul's slower balls and Rubel's yorkers and both their improvement in death bowling abilities as testament to Ian Pont as bowling coach.

Let us all welcome him to Bangladesh and to our forum!

He is joining us as "Ian Pont"

Fans - ask away!

Coach - you are on!

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