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Originally Posted by munnabhai
Firstly, I would like to thank Zunaid for giving us the opportunity to have a direct interaction with our bowling coach. Appreciate your work, Boss.

Dear Coach,
It's a pleasure having you here among us. We have all been huge fans of you ever since you joined our Tigers crew. I hope you are enjoying your stay. It's really an honor to have you in our National Camp. Here are my questions:

1) Did you come across any potential bowlers in our domestic or national team who can bowl at 140kph+ consistently and swing the ball too?

2) How do you rate our pace attack of Rubel/Shaf/Nazmul? I believe we will be playing with 2 in the starting squad, who are our first choices?

3) Lastly, just like everyone else, I am eager to know about the butterfly ball, which bowler has perfected the butterfly bowler as of now?

Thank You once again for finding time out of your busy schedule and answering our questions
I do not watch any domestic cricket so rely on training camps to see bowlers at national level. There are are a few outside of the current squad who impress me but need help. I strongly believe that if I could do local coaching camps for coaches and players, we would see many more 140 kph bowlers in BD.

I do not select the teams or the squad. My role is to prepare each bowler equally so any of them can step into the WC and be winners. Any combination of those 3 bowlers will be great so it just depends on the opposition as to who we play.

No one has perfected it yet but both Shafiul and Rubel have been trying it. Nasmul has such a great slower ball already but I might want him to bowl something else besides the butterfly. My aim is to have the butterfly ready for the WC, but whether the bowlers feel confident enough to try it is another thing!
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