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Originally posted by crazyisland
I didn't get the opportunity to see Aftab's batting this Zim series. So don't know why he is not making runs. But I saw his batting against India. In my opinion he was one of the very few BD batsmen who has technique as good as Laxman. Just because of his talent he could play Indian bowlers comfortably compare to many other top BD batsmen. However looking at his face expression it seems like he is very nervous while batting.

I think he is a very good talent. We should not give up hope on him. He needs some proper guidance and I am very positive Aftab will be a consistent performer. Believe it or not I think he is one of best batsmen we have now.
Laxman has a good technique? Lord almighty! what r u talking about? Having a good technique and being a good oneday player is not the same thing my friend! Without any doubt he is an amazing batsman. He is very wristy and depends a lot on his timing but he doesnt even have a solid defence, so how can u conclude that he has a very good technique, whereas in his same team u've got other palyers such as Dravid,Sachin and even Kaif who has got better technique. So get your facts straight my friend!
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