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Originally Posted by irampool
I don't think so either. Prior was Strauss's opening partner in the AUS series, and I think Cook hasn't made it to the WC squad as well.
Cook's not playing? that's wonderful! We can get Prior out..Trott's the only worry at the top other than Strauss, and Colly the only middle order batsman to worry about. We definitely have a chance now.

Look, I'm not saying we'll win this, or that we have the right to expect it. I am pointing out reasons as to why this is the second best chance we got after Windies to beat a top 8 nation. We need more than just a win against Windies to go to finals for sure, with NRR equations.

It is also wrong to suddenly assume we should beat Windies just because we're no.8 and they're no.9. New Zealand was No.5 and we were no.9 two months back. West Indies are still a strong team, fighting hard in Lanka. But, if we want to play the finals, which I'm sure the boys do, we have to beleve we will beat them. Not can, but will. Then we will have to take every step necessary to beat them. Even if it mean diving forward for a catch when you don't know if the ball will land in front and then hit you in the face. Same attitude should go against England. Then the teams won't know what hit them.

Someone else said why the minnow mentiality of targetting countries. well, its hard to maintain the same intensity for every match, so we need to maek sure we are at the mental peak at the top level. Other thing is, differnt countries might inpiration for different countries. (eg Tamim for India, England; Ash for South Africa, England; Imrul for Holland, Ireland; Riyad for Windies; Shakib for every damn team ever to face him).

I'm trying to inspire you guys to think of more options than just WIndies and East Indies/ India. We can very well beat South Africa too, and its not just because every team has a minimal chance. Look at our strengths in every departmetn, and you'll see why. We're not uni-dimensional anymore...
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