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Originally posted by rafiq
Folks, amid the anticipation of an exciting last day of play, we may have forgotten that this is supposed to be the last day of Test cricket at the beloved Bangabandhu National Stadium. With the stadium to be turned over to football for the upcoming season, this is the last cricket Test to be played here unless there is a policy change in the future.


We hope one day this decision is reversed and Test cricket returns to this glorious venue.
No need to get emotional and teary about last days of cricket @ BNS. Cricket is not leaving BNS anytime soon. Do not believe everything you read in the newspapers. I have read that kind of news that ‘BNS is for Football only’, ‘BNS given to Football Federation’ etc.. a hundred times but Cricket returns to this stadium all the time ( as this is the best place for big-time cricket in Dhaka). The executive decisions in Bangladesh mean absolutely nothing.

So take my word for it - we will see cricket in this venue next time we play a Test or ODI series at home.
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