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Originally Posted by Purna
Bujhee Kom Bhaiya.....I need help....see if you can answer my questions......
1.If my brother is 3 and a half years old but I can assure that he will not occupy any seat (will sit on my lap), will he be allowed into the venue without a ticket?

2. Will I be allowed to get out during the match and hand over the ticket to my mother so that she can watch the rest of it?
Originally Posted by lamisa
i can answer ur second question only and the answer is no.when u enter,there's a bar code thing on ur ticket and once that's been registered at the gates,u cant get in again.
thank you Lamisa for answering our Purna's questions. I hope Purna apu choto bhaiya can go in and seat on the lap and that's okay, I feel bad for khalamma, since you all will be going from Dhanmondi to Mirpur (although not too too far in between) but I worry if you all can get in and Khalamma can not I feel bad...I wish I had a ticket, I would have given it to khalamma I swear!

But apu, be safe and go there and have fun and viva Bangaladesh! Baanglaar Baagh khepe Utho! Banglaar manoos jeghe Utho! Jago Bangladesh Jhagoo!!!
God bless Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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